New year, new resolutions, new actions.

Since every little step counts, I will be partnering with the Société Royale Forestière de Belgique in order to reduce the environmental impact of my 2018 professional and personal activities.

As such, all my transportation fees will go towards financing the plantation of trees in Belgium, as part of a project that will be defined early this year.

Our goal is to plant each year about 2000 trees, promoting at the same time the environment (biodiversity, carbon storage) and the local rural economy.

Obviously, there are many things we can do to help the environment, such as consuming local products, eating less meat, reducing our dependence on plastic and educating the next generation to make more sustainable choices.

Some choices require more effort than others, but every little step counts.

If you are interested in the project and would like to receive more information, or if you want to share your ideas to improve it, feel free to contact me or the Société Royale Forestière de Belgique.

Thank you all for your trust and for being part of the journey.